Trust and Cultural Exchange

Trust and Cultural Exchange explores theory and practices of trust across history and cultures. The Group engages in activities, talks and workshops to realise the vision to deepen understanding of how trust shapes global culture and transcultural exchanges.

two older people on a stone walk way

The Trust and Cultural Exchange project (2018-2020) grew out of Associate Professor Andrea Rizzi’s ARC Future Fellowship (2015-2018). Having identified trust as a crucial concept in the development of global culture and cross-cultural exchange, A/P Rizzie formed the Trust Research Project: a collaboration with 15 academics from a variety of Schools and Faculties within the University of Melbourne and beyond.

The Trust and Cultural Exchange project includes:

  • Trust talk series (2018- ) featuring local and international speakers unpacking the concepts and project themes
  • A series of workshops for the Research Group to further refine areas for further research and consolidate findings
  • Virtual study groups to share ideas and readings
  • Investigation into funding steams to develop the project locally and internationally.