Gender Studies

Our program explores the significance of gender and sexuality on a range of discourses embedded within culture, identity and global history.

Gender Studies

Gender Studies at Melbourne

Our research reflects on ideas about sexual difference, sexual politics and sexuality through close engagement with a broad variety of theorists, case studies and media.

A major focus of our program is considering how gender intersects with crucial issues such as ageing, class, disability, ethnicity and globalisation.

Gender Studies is a transdisciplinary program which draws on the diverse interests of our academic staff, who are leading researchers across the Humanities and Social Sciences.

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The academics working in the Gender Studies program at the University of Melbourne apply thought-provoking theories on key issues such as gender equity, queer and trans politics, and gender and sexuality at the intersection of race, dis/ability, culture and class. Ultimately, the knowledge we share aims to equip our students with the ability to think critically and creatively about gender, difference, and how to address social inequality in their diverse social and professional worlds.

Dr Kalissa Alexeyeff, Head of Gender Studies

Kalissa Alexeyeff
Dr Kalissa Alexeyeff

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Students in Gender Studies consider ideas about femininity, masculinity and sexuality through close engagement with an extensive variety of theorists, case studies and media.


Graduate coursework

Graduate research

Our graduates pursue careers in the fields of equal opportunities and human rights, international development, law and policing, media and advertising, politics and public service, teaching and academia, banking and the corporate world, and the creative arts.

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Our staff are experts across a diverse range of fields including gender studies, cultural studies, feminist philosophy, anthropology, Internet studies, film studies, critical femininities, and others.

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