The effects of refugee policy externalisation on target countries and international institutions: diluting or diffusing international norms?

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This seminar explored the effects of refugee policy externalisation on target third countries and international institutions. The seminar examined how far and under what conditions, refugee policy externalisation whilst contributing to responsibility-shirking on the part of those who practice externalisation, at the same time drives mechanisms of norm diffusion towards the target countries of externalisation policies and non-state actors hitherto less involved in refugee protection. Also, it looked at whether externalisation policies also trigger the indirect diffusion of refugee protection norms to institutions and policies hitherto not connected to the international refugee regime such as in the fields of international security; development or environmental cooperation. This seminar was co-organised by CONREP and the Migration Policy Centre at the European University Institute.


Dr Tamirace Fakhoury is an Associate Professor of Political Science and Global Refugee and Migration Studies at the Global Refugee Studies Research Group (GRS) at the University of Aalborg in Copenhagen. She is also the Scientific advisor to the Kuwait Chair at Sciences Po in Paris (2020-2022). Her presentation will shed light on the EU’s logic of refugee governmentality in Syria’s neighbourhood and it will shed light on the 2016 Jordan and Lebanon compact

Dr Federica Infantino is a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Fellow at the Migration Policy Centre, European University Institute. Her research focuses on migration and border control in practice. She has conducted extensive research on the implementation of EU visa policy in Morocco. European border and migration control involves third countries with an aim at erecting ‘buffer zones’. This presentation explores the consequences of European externalisation strategy on migration policy-making in Morocco

Dr Madeline Garlick is Chief of the Protection Policy and Legal Advice Section in UNHCR’s Division of International Protection


Sandra Lavenex is Professor of European and International Politics at the University of Geneva and Visiting Professor at the College of Europe. Sandra Lavenex obtained her PhD from the European University Institute in Florence in 1999 for a thesis on The Europeanization of Refugee Policies: between human rights and internal security (Ashgate 2001) and has pioneered the study of EU external migration policies with her book Safe Third Countries. Extending the EU asylum and immigration policies to Central and Eastern Europe (Central European University Press 1999). These topics have remained an important pillar of her research and have been expanded to the field of international cooperation on migration more broadly including the nexus with development and trade policies and the comparative analysis of regional cooperation on refugee protection, mobility and migration

Event details

Date: 2 June 2021
Time: 3.00pm - 4.15pm

A recording of this event is now available on YouTube.