The Two UN Compacts – Refugees and Migrants: Challenges and Implementation in Europe

This two-days expert forum discussed the advances and limits made in the implementation of the UN Compacts on Refugees and Migrants since their formal adoption in December 2018, with a focus on Europe. The first part (on 13 November) discussed the contemporary issues faced in the Mediterranean region with regard to access to territorial asylum in particular in light of the commitments of EU states to the two UN Compacts. The second part (on 14 November) focused on the Global Compact on Migration, its legal nature, and its added value to existing international norms covering migrants, in particular migrant workers.

The event was co-hosted by the H2020 research project Protect (Queen Mary University, London) and CONREP (University of Geneva).

Download the two-day programme (340kb pdf)

View the recording of the first event

View the recording of the second event