CONREP Dissemination Report

CONREP is proud to present its final Dissemination Report

The Dissemination Report encapsulates the work of the Comparative Network on Refugee Externalisation Policies (CONREP) over the Network's four years.

CONREP provided a forum to communicate our research findings in an accessible manner, to give voice to the perspectives of refugees and civil society, to provide experience of publishing for emerging academics and PhD students and to engage in a public debate and discourse on the instruments and impacts of externalisation policies.

As seen in the Dissemination Report, CONREP was very active during the period of the grant. CONREP held 60 events: public lectures; seminars; international workshops; masterclasses; public forums; Early Career Researcher Workshops and mentoring sessions. One innovation was the creation of active and dynamic blog with 48 blog pieces and brought together as a Blog Compendium. CONREP also produced four policy reports and these are available here.

We hope that the many articles, edited collections, policy reports, blog pieces and event recordings  will constitute a resource for refugees, policymakers, civil society and scholars. They illustrate that externalisation policies remain damaging, with substantial human and political costs. They illustrate that alternatives are required for humanitarian solutions to the challenges of refugee protection. They also provide important recommendations for alternative humane approaches for governments in Australia and Europe and for the European Union.

Refugees and refugee organisations must be at the forefront of policies and of research and civil society activism. Changing narratives about refugees remains a difficult undertaking unless there is a culture of political leadership that is dedicated to making a difference. Actions are now required in legislation to ensure access to the rights to education; health care; employment; social security and citizenship.

Download the Dissemination Report