International relations


The School has a global reputation for its research in international relations and political economy. Located in one of Australia’s leading universities, our research is focused on a wide and interconnected variety of contemporary challenges in domestic, regional and global politics, societies and economies. We are strongly committed to research that reflects the dynamic and trans-disciplinary nature of these challenges and we are constantly seeking to engage with others with complementary interests and concerns. We are an outward-looking group of early career, mid-career and established researchers committed to openness, inclusivity and research innovation.

Our research has particular strengths in international relations theory and ethics, global climate politics, comparative and international political economy, populism and world politics, great power politics and foreign policy, Australian foreign policy and security, gender in world politics, Asian regional politics and international relations, nuclear weapons and disarmament, and human security. Many of our collaborations are with researchers in other disciplines.

Our researchers have strong links with others working in universities and other research organisations in advanced countries as well as in the emerging world. Current research collaborations include projects with partners in Europe, North America, South America, and across Asia. Our research is published in leading journals and university presses, and we have a strong commitment to public research dissemination and engagement.

Research fields

Asia-PacificComparative and International Political EconomyDevelopment Studies
Environmental PoliticsGenderHuman Rights
Human SecurityInternational EthicsInternational History
International InstitutionsNuclear Weapons and DisarmamentPolitical Theory

Geographic regions of research

Australia and New ZealandCentral AsiaEastern AsiaMelanesia
MicronesiaNorthern AfricaNorth AmericaNorthern Europe
PolynesiaSouthern AfricaSouth AmericaSouthern Asia
South-eastern AsiaSouthern EuropeWestern AsiaWestern Europe