Welcome! Wominjeka! Mingalabar!

The Myanmar Research Network (MRN) was created in 2019 by a small group of researchers from the University of Melbourne, who saw a need to connect researchers and students working on and/or interested in Myanmar. MRN now includes over 60 members, including academics, practitioners and students within and beyond UoM.

Our Aims

Consolidate, catalyse and resource new and existing collaborative research projects.

Foster a research community of practice with Myanmar scholars and students.

Strengthen research impact with key stakeholders in Myanmar and Australia, including internal stakeholders across the University.

PK Forum

The PK Forum began in 2012 as a place to discuss and debate issues of development, civil society and aid in Myanmar. The Forum is now supported and edited by the Myanmar Research Network at the University of Melbourne.

PK stands for Paung Ku which in Burmese means bridging or connection – and this Forum aims to connect academics, aid workers, local organisations, government, and students around key questions of Myanmar’s future.

This means we are interested in your ideas. Please send us your ideas for articles or blogs or for uploading new stuff to our resource section. Articles can be in English, Burmese or ethnic languages, but need to be less than 500 words. These can be emailed to Tamas Wells at the University of Melbourne (Forum Editor) at pkdiscussionforum@gmail.com.

While supported and edited by the Myanmar Research Network at the University of Melbourne, and originating from the ‘Paung Ku’ initiative, the Forum does not represent the views of the Myanmar Research Network or Myanmar NGO Paung Ku. The views expressed in this Forum are those of the individuals involved.

PK Forum


Membership is free and enables members to connect, stay updated on research and events on Myanmar, share information, and develop partnerships within and beyond the University of Melbourne. As a member of MRN, you will get the following privileges:

  • Be included in the MRN mailing list and receive information on Myanmar-related research, events, and so on,
  • Be able to connect and network with other members,
  • Be featured on MRN website, if you desire,
  • Be able to share research, publications, discussions and ideas through the MRN website,
  • Have access to MRN database of Research Assistants with expertise relevant to research in Myanmar, upon request.

If you want to join MRN and/or be featured on our website, please register here!