Political theory


Political theory research at Melbourne is diverse and pluralistic. We deliberately embrace a multiplicity of methodological approaches and set out to challenge the constructed divisions between different modes of political thought. We encourage research that cuts across these divisions and our scholars often work collaboratively to overcome the shortcomings of narrower understandings of the focus of political theory.

Our research is driven by engagement with the major challenges facing the world today, ranging across issues including global climate debates, the dynamics of settler colonialism, gender and international security, the impact of technological change, conflict and peace, the politics of multiculturalism, international migration, comparative theoretical methodology between and beyond ‘Western’ and ‘non-Western’ traditions, and the implications of plurality for regimes of global governance. As such, our research is grounded firmly in the generation of political ideas and concepts from the practice of politics, and we recognise that insights from multiple traditions invigorate our understandings of material political issues.

Our scholarly community is comprised of both senior, globally-respected academics in the fields of political and international relations theory, as well as a range of talented early and mid-career scholars, many of whom have already established high profile international reputations.

Research fields

Analytical Political TheoryComparative Political TheoryContinental Political Theory / Post-Structuralism
Environmental PoliticsFeminismInternational Ethics
International TheoryLiberalismMarxism
Political PhilosophyPolitical TheoryPostcolonialism

Geographic regions of research

Australia and New Zealand Central America Northern America Northern Europe
South Africa South AmericaSouth-eastern AsiaWestern Europe