The School of Social and Political Sciences partners with a number of institutions. The School welcomes research collaboration. To learn more about partnering with the School please phone +61 3 8344 6565.

Brotherhood of St Laurence partnership

The University’s partnership with the Brotherhood of St Laurence is one of the key community relationships within the University.

The University and the Brotherhood share a history of collaboration going back at least 50 years, with a more formalised approach established in 2003 to broaden the partnership’s cross-faculty links and encourage greater University-wide collaboration. A Memorandum of Understanding was completed in 2013 which drove the work for the next five years. The partnership continues to flourish to this day.

This long-standing partnership focuses on a joint research agenda that addresses social inclusion across the life course, with a particular focus on helping to shape inclusive growth, social inclusion and poverty-prevention policies.

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Scope – University of Melbourne Partnership

The Scope – University of Melbourne Partnership is a collaboration that draws upon the interdisciplinary expertise of staff from both University of Melbourne and Scope Australia.

Working with the emerging expertise of University of Melbourne students, the partnership is a leader in disability research, teaching and advocacy, informed by rigorous scholarship and the lived experience of people with disability.

Together, the University of Melbourne and Scope Australia are collaborating on a range of activities that are improving services to, and the lives of people with disability and their families. These activities are interdisciplinary in their focus, involving multiple schools and faculties of the university. The activities also extend beyond the university, to engage with people with disability and their families in the community, collaborations with other leading service providers, and government agencies.

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