Internships Q&A

Available online now, advice from students, hosts and internship professionals.

Panel members (L-R): Joy Tan (Student Moderator), Jennifer Mashiter (Department of Education and Training), Shelley King (MIFF), Donna Webster (Asialink Business), Amanda Liang (Student), Tim van Gelder (SWARM Project), Ali Reza Yunespour (Academic), Zoe Shew (WIL Team).

Questions (links will open in new window)

  1. Speaker's introduced 00.01.24
  2. Why do you think internships are important? 00.02.15
  3. How to apply, and what you can do with an internship subject 00.14.14
  4. What kind of internships can you take? 00.15.40
  5. How to approach host organisations and sell your skills 00.18.00
  6. Networking advice for international students 00.23.37
  7. Internships as a Mature Age Student 00.26.45
  8. What are employers looking for? 00.28.45
  9. How does the Faculty decide if a host organisation is suitable for a student? 00.33.50
  10. How to get the most out of an internship and decide on the best internship for you 00.36.19
  11. Should you intern at a small or large organisation? 00.42.20
  12. When to accept an offer 00.52.50
  13. Advice on securing an internship 00.55.42

Audience questions (links will open in new window)

  1. Research work alongside your internship 01.00.46
  2. Marketing yourself without overselling 01.01.32
  3. Without experience, how can I make my CV stand out? 01.06.44