104 Canning Street, Carlton by Helena Jones

An oil painting.

About this project: "Plein air painting. Oil on canvas. 20 x 29 cm. I am currently completing a plein air oil series of Carlton townhouses. You can view my work at helenajonesart.com."

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Painting entry

About the artist: "I am a New Zealander living in Melbourne and mainly paint floral still life and landscapes in oil. I draw inspiration from my surroundings. Whether this be in Australia or New Zealand (or further afield), I aim to capture landscapes with sensitivity and feeling. Painting en plein air grants an immediacy to my paintings and allows for quick expression of the subject. Similarly, I aim to capture both colour and movement in my botanical and still life artworks. I wish to convey a feeling of vibrant life, with the flowers not trapped in fixed positions. I am represented by The Artist's Room Gallery, Dunedin and am a member of the Victorian Artists Society. Once lockdown here eases, my work will be in a few exhibitions at local galleries and the Society. Further work can be seen at my website helenajonesart.com and my Instagram helenaj_art."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "We have seen everyone turning to some form of the arts in the past months, whether that be actively creating or passively consuming (such as reading books and watching shows). Personally, I have always found my art practice to be a source of relaxation and an outlet when there is stress or anxiety in my life. I love the feeling of putting my headphones on to listen to some music and settling down to paint, losing complete track of time."