The Sunset and Sunset in Melbourne by Qiao (Bella) Jia

Two images.

About this project: "The Sunset [first image] is a digital painting and I used Procreate on iPad to create it in May. I never took any lessons about painting before so it is only one of my hobbies. It shows the sunset and the star river. Sunset in Melbourne [second image] is the view from my apartment. The beautiful sunset happened on 19th May in Melbourne. This photo has not been edit by any editing apps."

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About the artist: "My name is Bella and I’m from China. I’m from Bachelor of Arts and my major is media communications. I’m currently doing some oil paint which has a lot of fun! In the process of exploring oil painting, I learned the importance of observation, such as observing the brightness and darkness of objects, and what colors make up the brightness and what colors make up the darkness. What's more, observation is more important in our life. Observation makes us careful to find the beauty of life!"

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "Works of arts of creative practices has become an significant part of my life. I enjoy the process of concentrating on one thing. Specially, drawing and taking pictures can calm my mind when I am impetuous and temporarily forget some troubles. So it's also a private space for me to self-regulate."