Feminine Energy by Tenzin Cohen

A painting.

About this project: "It is a celebration of the different aspects and complexities of a woman that exist inside her.  Often women are simplified to just their appearance and this is made the most important thing about them, when actually women have so much more to offer."

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Painting entry

About the artist:  "My name is Tenzin Cohen, I graduated high school last year and am a first year arts student majoring in politics and international studies. I haven't really experienced what going to uni is actually like but my subjects are really interesting so I'm still enjoying it so far. I've lived in Melbourne my whole life but I have travelled, which is something I love and hope to do more of soon. My creative projects in the past were honestly limited but during iso I started painting a lot more and I love it and can't wait to do more."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "Creativity matters more now than perhaps ever because we’re so limited in what we can do. I can't go out or see my friends, and it really sucks because all your plans fall through and you feel that your life is being wasted. So in this way it's so important to be creative because you have to find ways to entertain yourself and use your time productively when you’re stuck at home. My dad used to tell me that only boring people get bored, so to make the most of this time you have to get creative."