Mundanity of a Lockdown by James Robertson

A series of poems.

About this project: "This collection of poems were inspired directly by the unique circumstances that arose from the COVID-19 pandemic. Each piece was drawn from a single image or experience that resonated with me during the first half the year, such as the ritual of washing dishes each day, walking to the same grocery store or being lost in the world of media."

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A view from a home study looking out of a window to rooftops beyond

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About the artist: "I'm James Robertson and I have studied English and Theatre Studies and Creative Writing at University of Melbourne since 2019. I run a small theatre company called Plain English Theatre Company with whom I've written and directed numerous plays, including a show in Mudfest 2019. I've worked as a music journalist for Beat Magazine and have published poetry in Perspektif Magazine, Farrago Magazine and Re.Collective Magazine, as well as self-publishing a zine of poetry last year. I currently live in Budapest, Hungary, working as an English language tutor, where I've written these works of poetry."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now? "I believe that creativity matters so much more now as not only is it a release from the mundanity of lockdown, but it also creates an important snapshot into how we all live and think at this moment in time."