Shall I Tell You a Story? by Sabrina Fukuda

A short story.

About this project: "My submission is a creative short story. The genre is horror and thriller. The story is loosely inspired by the 1945 play "An Inspector Calls". Brief synopsis: Four nameless people are listening to a mysterious narrator who tells them a story about a boy called Johnny, whose difficult life is upended when he is visited by a shadowy figure he calls 'The Stranger'."

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A picture of a small tealight candle in the darkness

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About the artist: "As a 3rd year Bachelor of Arts student majoring in Linguistics, I am passionate about learning languages and exploring language diversity. I have an Argentinian–Japanese background and I moved to Melbourne at a young age. My mixed cultural heritage, as well as my love for foreign cinema, has influenced my interest in learning about the nuts-and-bolts of languages through their word, sentence and sound structures. I am also very passionate about writing in several different styles. Being a fan of horror, I enjoy the process of conveying real-life issues through an unexpected creative lens. Creative writing is currently a hobby of mine, but I wish to one day publish a book."

We asked, our artists answered: why does creativity matter now?  "Creativity is crucial in times of crises. It is an escape. Whether you are passively engaged watching TV, or you are speckled in paint after attempting a Bob Ross tutorial. Creativity is what grounds us and reminds us to be kind to ourselves. Creativity is central to what makes us human. It is to dance however you want to. It is to write and to escape to different worlds, to different times, all through the pages of a book. Creativity is what keeps us sane. It keeps us connected. Creativity will help us get through this."