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A free, not-for-credit, eight week program for graduate students who have English as an additional language. Designed to help develop your English Language skills for use in the academic graduate environment.

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In Semester Two, 2020, this program will be held online. Sessions will take place via Zoom on Wednesdays from 3:15 to 4:45pm.

The Arts Academic English Tutorials Program (AAET - formerly known as Arts Graduate
Academic Language Program, or AGALP) is a free, not for credit series of tutorials run
by Academic Skills for graduate coursework students in the Faculty of Arts who have
English as an additional language.

Participating in this program helps students todevelop academic and English language skills, with a focus on advanced writing skills.

This program responds to the demands of Masters level study across the Arts. Sessions in the first three weeks will focus on general skills such as time management, listening, notetaking, and vocabulary building. In the final six weeks, classes will focus on intensive reading and writing development, incorporating activities such as text analysis and peer / self-editing of writing.

This program is free of charge to students who apply and are selected to participate.

Competitive entry; limited places available. Preference will be given to students in their first semester of study. Students accepted to participate must engage with a minimum of six tutorials.

Apply online before 9am Monday 17 August using the AAET Application Form.