ArtsModules: Ethics Process

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This Q&A Panel will explore Arts Graduate Research concerns related to the Ethics Process. Prior to participating in this session, Graduate Researchers should review the Office of Research Ethics & Integrity Human Ethics web resource, the associated Human Ethics video resource, and this Human Ethics Overview Session with Associate Professor Lauren Rosewarne. Both video resources are available on the Arts Graduate Research LMS site under the Ethics Approval Support Module.

Topics for discussion include:
- Timelines (when must the initial application be lodged? How long does the review process take?)
- Risk assessment (what happens when projects are flagged as high risk but should not have been?)
- Cultural knowledge (what if panels don’t hold sufficient specific cultural knowledge during review?)
- Digital research methods (associated issues and confusion)

Attendees are encouraged to bring along additional Ethics-related questions, and will have the chance to put these questions to our panelists.


Lauren Rosewarne is an Associate Professor in the School of Social and Political Sciences, and chair of one of the two Humanities and Social Sciences GTLR (“Greater Than Low Risk”) Committees. She writes, researches and comments on sexuality, gender, feminism, the media, pop culture, public policy and politics.

Helena Clements and Suzana Kovacevic manage Human Research Ethics at the Office of Research Ethics and Integrity.

Charlotte Armstrong (Q&A facilitator) is the Graduate Research Officer in the Academic Support Office for the Faculty of Arts.

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