Academic / Non-Academic Presentation Skills: How to Share Your Work

A blurred group of people are shown seated listening to an unseen speaker

We’ve all heard boring, unfocused, obtuse, or long-winded presentations. We’ve also heard fascinating, quick, engaging, and influential presentations. This workshop aims to ensure that all of our presentations, for both academic and non-academic audiences, belong to the second category.

We’ll begin with brief practical tips, based on experience, regarding effective, engaging, and professional non-academic presentations (media, policy, consulting, etc.), then turn to effective academic presentations (e.g. conference presentations and job talks). Participants should arrive prepared with a catchy summary of your research (argument + evidence) that you would deliver if you were riding in an elevator with an important academic or non-academic figure … for just 30 seconds. 

Time permitting, the facilitator will ask people to share their summaries, then, offer constructive comments re: ‘what works’.

This session is part of the Faculty of Arts' ArtsModules series for graduate researchers, and will be led by Associate Professor Matthew Nelson.