National Students as Partners Roundtable 2023

University of Melbourne

Join us on the 27th and 28th of September for the National Annual Students as Partners Roundtable 2023 events hosted by the Arts Teaching Innovation (ATI) in the Faculty of Arts.

This event will provide a space for students and academic/professional staff from universities across Australia to discuss and share their Co-creation and Students as Partners (SaP) experiences. Participants will get the opportunity to discuss best-practice principles, connect theory with practice, explore new developments, and develop creative ideas with strategic implementation. The National Annual Students as Partners Roundtable 2023 will:

  • contribute to the SaP pedagogical movement within academia,
  • strengthen SaP community of practice networks among practitioners across institutions,
  • provide the opportunity to share experiences and learn from others,
  • platform unique ideas and perspectives in order to discover new strategies, and
  • create opportunities for collaboration and cooperation around the SaP concept.

Dates and themes

This two-day event will include a University of Melbourne Showcase and the National Annual SaP Roundtable.

Wednesday 27 September 2023: University of Melbourne Showcase focusing on the theme Growing Together: Pedagogical Partnership for Professional Development.

Thursday 28 September 2023: National SaP Roundtable focusing on the theme Respect, Reciprocity and Responsibility* - Three Rs in Partnership.

*Cook-Sather, Bovill, & Felten, 2014.

Keynote Speaker

This year's keynote speaker at the National Annual SaP Roundtable will be Professor Alison Cook-Sather, who is the Director of the Teaching and Learning Institute at Bryn Mawr and Haverford Colleges in the United States.


This event will be run in-person at the University of Melbourne campus in Parkville 3010 VIC.

Call for participation

If you would like to present at the 2023 National Annual SaP Roundtable, the University of Melbourne is calling students and academic/professional staff from all universities to submit an abstract submission of:

  • successful case studies of Co-creation and SaP practices,
  • new practice principles and pragmatic theories around Co-creation and SaP, and
  • simple strategies for curricular & pedagogical Co-creation and SaP initiatives.

Please email your abstract to by Friday the 14th of July 2023.

This year’s SaP Roundtable theme is Respect, Reciprocity and Responsibility - Three Rs in Partnership. Please make sure your submission links to the theme and is based on your practices. All submissions should be no more than 300 words and include the names of student partner presenters. If you are staff at the University of Melbourne, you are encouraged to submit under the theme Growing Together: Pedagogical Partnership for Professional Development.

Registration for attendance will be available on this website and open closer to the date.

For any questions please reach out to Dr Nira Rahman ( and Dr Wajeehah Aayeshah (