J. E. Fiedlberg. 'Erstes Buch fur Kinder' (First Book for Children) c. 1830
J. E. Fiedlberg
Erstes Buch fur Kinder
(First Book for Children)
c. 1830 Copperplate engraving

Since 1854, The University of Melbourne's History program has been at the forefront of the study of history in Australia. In terms of the scale and standing of its staff and research fellows, the size of its graduate research school, the number of postdoctoral fellows, and the level of competitively-awarded research grants, the History program is now one of the largest and most significant in Australia. It draws on the specialist knowledge and practical experience of leading historians, both established and emerging, and its research engagement is extensive.

Supervision is offered for research degrees across a comprehensive range of periods, geographic and thematic areas, to a diverse and international student body. Areas of specialisation include ancient history, medieval and early modern, and modern history. There are specialists in European, Asian, African, American and Australian History, as well as thematic histories with an inter-disciplinary and international orientation such as human rights, social and cultural history, postcolonial and indigenous history, heritage, urban and public history, memory and oral history, transnational and diasporic histories.