Established in 1854, the History program at the University of Melbourne is one of the most distinguished and longest running in Australia.

group of university students in Italy on the roof of Basilica of San Marco
Students from Venice and Cultures of Consumption intensive atop the roof of the Basilica of San Marco.

History has been taught at the University since it opened in 1854. Under Sir Ernest Scott, Professor of History from 1913 to 1936, the History Department pioneered teaching and research in Australian history.

Successor Professor Max Crawford made the Melbourne department the most influential in the country. Melbourne historians helped pioneer the teaching and research of Australian history in particular and staff members, such as Manning Clark, Hugh Stretton, Geoffrey Blainey, Margaret Kiddle, Lloyd Robson and Geoffrey Serle, left a lasting impact on our understanding of the Australian past.

The program has also historically had great strengths in European, Asian, Middle Eastern, Soviet and American history, and in new approaches to the past, such as gender history, memory studies and the history of emotions. We place a particular emphasis on teaching undergraduates through the use of primary sources.

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