Language placement tests

Take a Language placement test to determine what level of language studies you should be starting at.

Language subjects are organised in a progressive sequence of units. Entry and exit points are determined by the student’s background in the language, placement testing, prerequisites, or at the discretion of the language program. Students normally progress through the subjects in consecutive order. Mid-year entry is also possible into language subjects with even numbers, subject to appropriate prior experience and approval from the Convenor of the language program.

All students wishing to enrol in a language subject for the first time are required to complete a background questionnaire online. This includes students who have never studied the language before. Based on the questionnaire responses, some students will be placed directly into the most appropriate subject. Others will continue on to take an online placement test. Depending on the test results, some students may also be asked to provide a sample of writing and / or attend an interview with program staff members to determine the most suitable subject to enrol in.

It is the responsibility of all prospective language students to enrol according to the outcome of the testing that determines the appropriate level of enrolment.

It is also important to note that placement test results are provisional and academic staff have the right to re-enrol students in an alternative level of language study on the basis of academic performance in the first two weeks following enrolment. Students who do not follow the process outlined here and who enrol in an inappropriate language level will be moved to the appropriate language level as determined by the Program Convenor. Students who wish to dispute the level at which they have been placed must do so in writing to the Program Convenor who will provide a written response.

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