Researchers in this cluster investigate migration in Asia and Australia from gender, environmental, and policy perspectives.


Why are people on the move? How do migrants use their agency during their migratory journeys and settlement? How does transnational migration shape communities in Australia? To what extent is climate change impacting forced migration in the Asia-Pacific region?

The members of the Research Cluster on  Gender, Environment and Migration, (GEM) investigate complex ethnic, gender and environmental aspects of Asian and Australian migration from their respective disciplines. GEM researchers come from politics, law, sociology, anthropology, human geography, history, psychology, and education. They also bring in their extensive public policy and think tank backgrounds to create the synergy between academic and policy communities. Research projects in this cluster aim to consolidate scholarship and impact Australian public and foreign policy on the following themes:

  1. The nature of transnational economic and forced migration
  2. Asian immigrant communities and multiculturalism in Australia
  3. Gendered and/or environmental migration in Asia

Image: UK Department for International Development. Emergency food, drinking water and shelter to help people displaced in Rakhine State, western Burma 2012 CC BY-SA 2.0