Fafagu Measina

Black and white image of woman.

Spoken word poetry is a language worth learning. It is the old thing, made new. The Fafagu Measina research project 2024 proposes a spoken word residency for Pacific artists to galvanise the power of spoken word poetry to strengthen their sense of cultural and collective identity. Fafagu Measina (awaken existence, awaken treasures) is a spoken word residency that celebrates Pacific orators and preserves Pacific oral literacies. The research project will support the design of the residency by gathering insights and wisdom from senior Samoan knowledge-holders and practitioners about place, protocol, and the power of proverbs and poetry from an Indigenous Samoan lens.

Project team

  • Dr Dave Pollock, Program Course Coordinator, Atlantic Fellows For Social Equity
  • Marina Alefosio, Fellow, Atlantic Fellows For Social Equity
  • Dr Natasha Urale-Baker, The University of Auckland