Writing, fighting, and being together

A woman wearing a black niqāb hands a research seed bomb to a person wearing glasses and black and white keffiyeh. In the background, Palestinian and Aboriginal flags flutter among a variety of colourful flowers.

Cultivating a transnational research collective rooted in Blak-Palestinian abolitionism, sovereignty, and solidarity

During a time when people in Palestine, especially in Gaza, are relentlessly and catastrophically invaded and genocided, we exasperatedly exclaim:

!خلص ,حبايبي

We are using this seed funding to establish ourselves as Khalas Habaibe Collective, a transnational research collective that intellectually, emotionally, and materially fights for, supports, and celebrates anticolonial research projects rooted in Blak–Palestinian sovereignty, solidarity, and abolitionism. We are governed by Palestinian Indigenous sovereignty and self-determination, as directed by our Palestinian and Yemeni members, who live, work, and organise in the West Bank, Palestine. Our white settler members live, work, and organise across the Countries of the Kulin and Yagera Nations.

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