CAJ at the Melbourne Writers Festival

Senior Lecturer Dr Louisa Lim and Lecturer Dr Jeff Sparrow from CAJ will be speaking at the forthcoming MWF at the following events:

Jeff Sparrow, 'Hope Vs the Climate Crisis', Sep 9, 12 pm, State Library

Jeff Sparrow, 'Who Decides What News is Worthy?', Sep 9, 4.30 State Library

Louisa Lim, 'Dispatches from Hong Kong and Wuhan', with Murong Xuecun, Sept 10, 1030 State Library

Jeff Sparrow, 'Crimes Against Nature', Sept 10, 11am, Kingston Library

Jeff Sparrow, MWF Big Debate, 'Nihilism Makes Life Worth Living', 10 Sep, 6.30 pm, Athenaeum Theatre

Louisa Lim, 'Writing Wrongs', with Kylie Moore-Gilbert, Sept 11, 1030am State Library

Jeff Sparrow: 'The Power of the People', with Sam Wallman, Sept 11, 3pm State Library