This series of short meditations on nature in art offers the opportunity to practice contemplation and observance. The task of observing or deep looking requires us to consider a broad context for cultural capital; to draw upon experience and cultural imagination when examining a work of art, listening to music, participating in discussion or taking a walk in nature. Visual thinking strategies focus our ability to organise and respond to visual imagery and the world around us. These small acts of reflection may provide a framework for us to be more creative and empathetic citizens and to look carefully at the nature that surrounds us.

We will take a close look at the way artists have represented the natural world in print culture and rare books from the university’s special collections.

Sound editing and production: Dr Xia Cui (Arts Teaching Innovation)
Written and spoken by: Dr Olivia Meehan (Object-Based Learning Coordinator)
Being Human Festival 2020

This series was developed in collaboration with the 2020 Being Human Festival. Founded in the UK as the only national festival of the humanities, Being Human is now a global celebration dedicated to demonstrating the breadth, diversity and vitality of the humanities.