Work with our students

Working with our undergraduate and graduate (Masters, Doctor of Philosophy – Arts and Graduate Research) students offers industry partners the opportunity to benefit from their academic expertise, enthusiasm, fresh ideas and perspectives.

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning

Work Integrated Learning (WIL) is a term used to describe a variety of learning activities, experiences, approaches and strategies which integrate academic theory with real-world work outcomes.

The Faculty of Arts partners with organisations on a range of WIL activities, including internships and industry projects.

Through these programs your organisation gains access to our brightest minds, as well as unique recruitment opportunities by connecting with the next generation of leaders in their field. Our students come from a range of academic specialisations; such as the flexible Bachelor of Arts to more targeted graduate courses; and bring a range of skills, talent and passion to your organisation.

For more information on how to work with our students, please see the WIL web page:

Work Integrated Learning

Invest in the future: scholarships and prizes

To remain one of world’s premier Arts Faculties, we must continue to attract the best and brightest students – regardless of their circumstances. To do this, we offer scholarships and prizes that rely on donations, sponsorship and in-kind support from donor organisations. By contributing to these programs partners give our students the best educational experience possible and allow specific areas of academia to be advanced.

Benefits include:

  • Naming opportunities for student scholarships, bursaries and prizes – which promote your organisation to students and our global alumni network
  • Branding opportunities across our brochures and websites – which build and enhance awareness of your organisation
  • In-person opportunities to meet with leading students – giving you first access to a world-class talent pool

For more information please visit the Make a gift web page:

Make a gift

Scholarships and prizes
Professor Mark Considine, former Dean of the Faculty of Arts (now Provost of the University of Melbourne) and Dr Isobel Crombie, Assistant Director, Curatorial and Collection Management, NGV with recipient of the National Gallery of Victoria Art History Prize 2016, Cassandra Joore-Short
Guest lectures and presentations

Guest lectures and presentations

Contributions by industry partners to our students’ experience are invaluable. Hearing from industry partners can bring students’ academic experiences to life, and raise their awareness of the diversity of opportunities available to them. Guest lectures and presentations are a great way for our partners to engage and inspire the next generation of leaders in their field and to inform them of the latest developments in their respective industry.