About us

Grimwade Conservation Services are the leading art conservation and restoration centre in Victoria, operating since 1989. The only centre of its kind in Australia, Grimwade Conservation Services combines both commercial conservation services and training in cultural material conservation.


Grimwade Conservation Services specialise in all areas of art restoration and museum standard conservation to institutions and private clients. Programs include conservation treatments and restoration of all types of materials; collection surveys; conservation strategy plans; disaster preparedness plans; research and technical analysis.

Our client base includes: national, state, regional and rural public collection and cultural organisations; amateur collecting societies and museums; commercial galleries; corporate collections; and private collections. We service Australia and the Asia Pacific region.

We are an Approved Service Provider for the Australian Antique and Art Dealers Association.

Facilities and security

Grimwade Conservation Services have one of the best-equipped commercial laboratories in Australia, with access to a wide range of analytical equipment and expertise at the University of Melbourne. The building is purpose built for housing cultural collections with temperature and humidity control and 24-hour on-site security, to ensure your artwork is in optimum care. Clients' objects are covered under the University's insurance while the objects are on the Grimwade Conservation Services premises. With access to a loading dock and large goods lift, we are able to accommodate very large items for treatment, such as over-sized paintings and sculptures.