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An Online Platform for primary sources in Australian Indigenous language, Nyingarn aims to make as many manuscript sources available as possible - as searchable, re-useable textual documents.

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The Nyingarn Project began in mid-2021, building on our experience in the digital Daisy Bates work. Nyingarn is a 3-year Australian Research Council funded project that will provide digital access to early sources of Australia’s Indigenous languages, using various ways to turn images of manuscripts into text, including Optical Character Recognition (OCR), and crowdsourced transcription (using DigiVol). The team will identify source manuscripts in state and national partner institutions, develop metadata systems, and build the online access platform.

Our team include chief investigators from the Australian National University, University of Queensland, La Trobe University, University of Sydney, University of Melbourne, and University of Adelaide, and the project is guided by an Indigenous Steering Committee.

With the support of the Language Data Commons of Australia (LDaCa), Nyingarn is able to assist communities with transcription work and offer training workshops. Both these funding opportunities using Nyingarn have been extended beyond April 2023.

Community Workshop Opportunities

This project has human ethics approval from the University of Melbourne Office of Research Ethics and Integrity (Ref: 2021-22088-20773-6).

Project details


Australian Research Council Linkage Infrastructure, Equipment, and Facilities grant - #LE200100006.

Project Team

Chief Investigators
Associate Professor Nick Thieberger
Associate Professor Robert Amery (UA)
Professor Linda Barwick (USYD) 
Professor Clint Bracknell (UQ)
Dr Amy Budrikis (ECU)
Professor Trevor Cohn
Professor Nicholas Enfield (USYD) 
Dr Doug Marmion (AIATSIS)
Associate Professor Stephen Morey (LTU) 
Dr Terhi Nurmikko-Fuller (ANU) 
Professor Jane Simpson (ANU)
Professor Jakelin Troy (USYD)
Associate Professor Myfany Turpin (USYD)

Steering Committee
Lauren Booker
Callum Clayton-Dixon
Dr Vicki Couzens
Dr Sandra Delaney
Jodie Dowd
Baressa Frazer
Charmaine Green
Brendan Kennedy
Kaitlyn Lodewikus
Theresa Sainty
Nathan Sentance
Dr Thomas Watson

Project Manager
Dr Sophie Lewincamp

Technical Officer
Marco La Rosa