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Professor Dr. Shanley E.M. Allen
Dr Lucy Davidson
Dr Rebecca Defina
Professor Dr. Birgit Hellwig
Associate Professor Barb Kelly 
Professor Evan Kidd

To Barbara Frances Kelly, 1968-2022
It is with the greatest of sadness that we dedicate the Acquisition Sketch Project to our recently passed co-editor and co-author, Barbara Kelly. Barb died suddenly as we were finalizing the project, and no words can truly express our heartbreak in losing our much-loved friend and colleague. Throughout her career Barb was committed to working with and for minority language communities, while also working on a wide range of other topics. She had a seemingly limitless energy for everything in her life, and it was impossible not to be swept up in her enthusiasm. We will all miss her dearly, but are comforted in the knowledge that her substantial contribution to the project means her legacy will be evident in every sketch.