Readers in Oromo

Oromo (also known as Afaan Oromo) is part of the Cushitic language family and consists of several varieties. It is spoken in Ethiopia (34 million speakers), Kenya (0.5 million) and Somalia and recognised as minority language in Ethiopia and Kenya. In Australia, 3,045 people state that they speak Oromo at home (Census 2016).

These readers in Oromo were produced by African Storybook and are made available here for download and printing with the support of the Victorian Department of Education and Training. Please note that these books are pre-paginated for hardcopy booklet printing.

Seven colours in a rainbow (Halluu Sabbata Waaqayyo 7) 1 colour (790kb pdf)
This is me (Kuni Ana) 1 b and w (750kb pdf)
Where is my cat? (Adurreen Koo Eessa Jirtii?) 1 b and w (1.4Mb pdf)
A very tall man (Alle alasaga) 2 colour (3.4Mb pdf)
Caalaa’s cats (Adurroota Caalaa) 2 colour (760kb pdf)
Mice and cats (Hantuutaf Adurre) 2 colour (900kb pdf)
Beloved daughter (Jaallatamtu Intalaa) 3 colour (1.1Mb pdf)
Father’s inheritance (Dhaala Abbaa) 3 colour (1.0Mb pdf)
Monkey and the drought (Jaldeesafi Hongee) 3 colour (1.3Mb pdf)
Mother in law (Haadha Warraa Hamtuu) 4 colour (670kb pdf)
Ox and donkey (Sangaa fi Harree) 4 colour (890kb pdf)
Qaxalefi and his brothers (Qaxalefi Obboleewwan Isaa) 4 colour (1.3Mb pdf)
Grateful animals (Bineensota Galateefatan) 5 colour (1.2Mb pdf)
Jackal and rabbit (Jeedalaaf Illeetii) 5 colour (1.4Mb pdf)
Unwise judge (Abbaa Seeraa Abbiidhoo) 5 colour (1.7Mb pdf)