Arts and Cultural Management

The Arts and Cultural Management program explores the tension between culture as an economic activity and culture as symbolic expression through four key themes – organisations, governance, identity and labour.

Arts and Cultural Management

Arts and Cultural Management at Melbourne

Arts and Cultural Management research on organisations covers questions of how we can better manage arts and cultural institutions in a fast-changing cultural economy.

Governance refers to the questions we ask about cultural policies, at urban, national, and global levels; including the interplay between them.

Identity guides our engagement with controversial issues around representation in the arts, inclusion of diverse audiences, environmental citizenship in the face of climate change, and the challenge of tackling the intersections of racism and sexism in the arts.

Labour explores pathways into dignified work in arts and culture and barriers to entry and equal pay across gender, age, and ethnicity.

Academic staff in the Arts and Cultural Management program have diverse disciplinary backgrounds and geographical perspectives, which strengthens our engaged and interdisciplinary research and our academically-grounded and vocationally-oriented teaching.

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Dr Guy Morrow
Dr Guy Morrow
Members of our discipline apply multidisciplinary arts and cultural management related theories and evidence-based research in impactful projects that inform policy and help to improve professional artistically creative practice. Ultimately the knowledge we create helps to facilitate artistic creativity within Australian and international contexts.

Guy Morrow, Head of Arts and Cultural Management

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The Arts and Cultural Management program delivers transferrable skills you can apply across a broad range of art forms including film, theatre, dance, music and the visual arts:

Our graduate courses will give you the knowledge and skills base you need to pursue a career in the management of the arts and cultural sector.

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Arts and Cultural Management academics are leading teachers and researchers in a range of areas, with expertise across film, theatre, music, publishing, cultural policy, arts management and the visual arts.

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