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Project news

  • December 2022: Val Plumwood estate heritage listing

    Dr Lara Stevens has been working closely with the estate of the late Australian philosopher and ecofeminist Val Plumwood to propose listing of Plumwood's property, Plumwood Mountain, near Braidwood in NSW, on the NSW State Heritage Register. If successful, this will be one of the few heritage listings of a women's property in Australia.

    The heritage listing, currently under consideration, can be viewed here.

    Val Plumwood fourth from left outside stone house she built with Richard Sylvan on Plumwood Mountain, 2004

    Val Plumwood (fourth from left) outside the stone house she built with Richard Sylvan on Plumwood Mountain, 2004. Creative Commons CC BY-SA 4.0.

  • November 2022: Denise Varney elected to AAH

    Project lead Chief Investigator Professor Denise Varney has been elected as a fellow of the Australian Academy of Humanities, the highest honour for achievement in and contribution to the humanities in Australia. Congratulations Denise!

    You can read the Academy's announcement about its new fellows here.

  • November 2022: Denise Varney wins AUHE prize

    Congratulations to Professor Denise Varney for winning the Australian University Heads of English (AUHE) Prize in Literary Scholarship for her book Patrick White's Theatre: Australian Modernism on Stage, 1960-2018 (Sydney University Press, 2021). An interview with Denise about the book is available here.

Project events

  • Climate Collaborations symposium, September 2022

    The symposium Climate Collaborations: Art, Science, and Future Scenarios took place at the University of Melbourne on 27 September 2022. The event interrogated urgent questions for our time: what causes eco-anxiety and fear? What offers hope and enchantment? And what can art do in a climate emergency?

    Bringing together artists, activists, scientists, academics and curators, the symposium explored the relations between knowledge, aesthetics and culture in a climate emergency and beyond.

    For the full program, presenter biographies, and recordings of the symposium's presentations, please click on the image below.

    Climate Collaborations symposium flyer

  • 'The Sea is on Fire' public lecture, September 2022

    Professor Jen Parker-Starbuck of Royal Holloway, University of London, presented a public lecture at the University of Melbourne on 29 September 2022, part of a visit to Australia sponsored by the Macgeorge Bequest. Professor Parker-Starbuck's lecture was entitled The Sea is on Fire: Machinic Crustaceans and Ecological Promises and explored how machinic (and substitute) nonhuman animals stand in for their real and fictitious counterparts, and how these stand-ins might draw attention to the technologies that both help and hinder environmental concerns and nonhuman futures. The lecture focused on Les Machines de L’├«le in Nantes, France, a “theme park” of mechanical animals and sea creatures.

    Parker-Starbuck lecture

  • 'Between Machine and Prey' public talk, May 2022

    Visiting theatre makers, dramaturgs and academics Kris Verdonck and Kristof van Baarle delivered a public talk at Climate Gallery in Melbourne on  26 May 2022, presented by the Towards an Australian Ecological Theatre project. The talk, entitled Between Machine and Prey: On Attention, Ends and Narratives traced how technology and ecology have become increasingly intertwined in Verdonck's installations and performances.

    For further information about the talk and about the presenters, please click the image below.

    Verdonck and van Baarle talk