Arts in Florence funding opportunities

The University of Melbourne scholarship and financial assistance schemes

The University of Melbourne offers several scholarships and financial assistance schemes to help students to meet the costs of overseas study:

The Melbourne Global Grant

This provides a one-off payment to assist students in meeting basic travel costs. It is awarded on the basis of academic merit and faculty quotas may apply. The amounts, up to $2,500, vary according to length of stay overseas. To apply as an undergraduate student you must have:

  • completed, or be about to complete, at least 75 points and at least one year of study at the University of Melbourne at the time of application
  • your study program approved for credit or to meet a hurdle requirement, towards your University of Melbourne degree, by your faculty(s); and
  • an overall weighted average of at least 65%

Applications need to be made by at least six weeks prior to departure. More information can be found on the Melbourne Global Mobility Study Abroad Funding web page.

Melbourne Global Mobility Financial Assistance

All undergraduate students, including honours students, and postgraduate coursework students undertaking a study abroad, which is approved for credit, may also apply for Melbourne Abroad Financial Assistance, which is a grant of up to a maximum of $2,000. This assistance is awarded on the basis of financial need, where the receipt of benefits, scholarships, destination, length of study and parental assistance are all taken into consideration. Financial Assistance applications are available from the Melbourne Abroad Unit and are processed after the Melbourne Abroad Scholarship awards have been made.

For more information please visit the Melbourne Global Mobility Exchange Funding web page for details on deadline and eligibility.

The Italian Services Institute Travel Scholarship

8 scholarships of $2,500

Deadline: TBC


Through the support of the Italian Services Institute, in 2015 the Faculty of Arts in conjunction with the School of Languages and Linguistics is launching the new Italian Services Institute Travel Scholarships. Applicants must be Australian citizens of Italian descent* as specified by the donor whose focus is to advance the education of Australian residents who are of Italian descent.

* Italian descent is defined as being able to trace Italian ancestry within three generations on at least one side of the family.

Application process

Eligible applicants must complete:

  1. Online application form which includes financial assessment questions and
  2. Provide a brief summary of their current financial circumstances
  3. Please note: All students, except those over 25 years of age, or those receiving the "Unreasonable to live at home" rate of Youth Allowance, should have their parents or guardians complete a Statement of Parents or Guardians Income form. You can upload this into the application form
  4. Certified copy of Australian residency or citizenship
  5. Proof of Italian descent
  6. Any other information to support application that may assist the committee in making its decision

Please ensure you have the above information available before you commence your online application.

Applications must be submitted prior to the advertised closing date.


Apply now

The judges' decision will be final and the University reserves the right not to award the prize in the event it is considered that no work of sufficient merit has been submitted. Winning applicants please note the University of Melbourne reserves the right to publish the name of the winning applicant on its websites and other University of Melbourne publications.


The Australian government instituted a scheme in 2005 to lend up to $5,000 to Australian students to study overseas for periods of 6 months or more. This funding would therefore only be available to students who wish to stay on to study at an Italian university after the Venice Intensive. For more information please see the ask.unimelb OS-HELP loan web page.

More information

For more information for all of these schemes see the Stop 1 website or view the Melbourne Global Mobility Funding and scholarships web page.