Arts in Florence terms and conditions

Travel insurance

The University of Melbourne holds a Business Travel Insurance Policy (#02PP014313) with insurer ACE Insurance Ltd of 28-34 O'Connell Street, Sydney NSW 2000. Under this Policy, enrolled students at The University of Melbourne get automatic access to the benefits detailed in the Policy. Students can access the benefit of this Policy and are not charged by ACE for this benefit.

In order to be covered by the University's travel insurance policy, all participants must lodge a travel insurance form by visiting the Student Travel Registration web page. For details of the policy and how to register for it, please consult the Travel Insurance Fact Sheet (140kb pdf).

Please note: this insurance policy only covers students for the period of the Intensive and the transit days to and from Florence. If you are travelling for an extended period before and/or after the Intensive, you may wish to purchase additional cover through ACE Travel Insurance.

Passport details

All participants must provide, no later than 3 months prior to the beginning of the trip, a photocopy of the front page of their current passport.

Paying the deposit

A deposit of $1000.00 must be paid by Monday 13 May 2016 using the Faculty of Arts Online Store Florence Overseas Intensive 2016 web page.

Paying the balance

Balance of your trip price ($2200.00) must be paid by Monday 28 August 2016 using the Faculty of Arts Online Store Florence Overseas Intensive 2016 web page.

Note on cancellation

If you have been selected, you will receive confirmation in writing. Your participation is subject to the understanding that you will be undertaking this programme as originally indicated on the Application form. In the event that you fail to enrol in the subjects, then the programme leaders reserve the right to cancel your participation.

If you have not been selected, or if a place is not available, you will be given the option of having your name put on a waiting list for a possible second round offer. The programme leaders do, however, reserve the right to refuse to accept a booking without necessarily giving a reason.

Cancellation fees

The competitive price of the programme depends upon advance bookings for accommodation, museum passes and tickets, and other costs. If a cancellation is made by 14 August 2016, you will receive reimbursement of your deposit, minus a fee of $100 (to cover costs). If cancellation is made after 15 August and before 28 August 2016, you will receive $250 of your deposit. Any cancellations made after 29 August 2016 will result in the forfeit of your entire deposit. Cancellations after 16 October 2016 may result in forfeiture of the entire programme price, unless we are able to fill the position. We take the day on which you cancel as being that on which we receive written confirmation of cancellation.

Changes in programme price

The prices quoted for the programme may change with currency fluctuations. We shall, however, do all in our power to maintain the published price.

If The University of Melbourne cancels the programme

In the event the programme is cancelled as a result of The University of Melbourne, in response to Federal Government travel advice, designating the locations of the programme to be unsafe, participants will be refunded their deposit in full if the cancellation occurs 75 days prior to the departure of the programme. If the programme is cancelled 60 days prior to departure participants will be refunded $750. However, if the programme is cancelled less than 60 days prior to departure, deposits will not be refunded.

Medical conditions and other related information

On occasion, the programme will require a substantial amount of physical exertion. The application form requests disclosure of all relevant medical conditions, physical or mental disabilities or any other related information which may affect your ability to participate fully in the activities forming the programme. The purpose of seeking this information is to assist the programme leaders in determining the suitability of a programme participant for the programme, to identify those circumstances where unjustifiable hardship may result to the programme leaders, and to address how the programme leaders may be able to make 'reasonable accommodation' to cater for those participants, where only a minor modification may be needed.

The information provided in your reservation form will be treated in the strictest confidence. If the programme leaders have any concerns based on the information provided by you, we shall contact you to discuss those concerns, and may request further information or clarification of the information previously provided.

Participation in programme activities

It is a condition of travel that all participants agree to accept the programme leaders' direction in relation to their suitability to participate in activities undertaken on the programme, and the programme leaders retain the sole discretion to direct a participant to refrain from a particular activity or part of the programme. Furthermore, the programme leaders also reserve the right to reject a participant from further participation on the programme, or cancel the participation on the programme of any participant whose behaviour is, in the opinion of the programme leaders, causing excessive distress, damage, or annoyance to anyone or anyone's property. The programme leaders' responsibility for that participant will cease immediately and no compensation will be paid for any loss.


All tickets and coupons are issued through the programme leaders, and all arrangements for transport or accommodation are made by the programme leaders upon the condition that the programme leaders shall not be liable for any injury, damage, loss, accident, delay or irregularity caused by defect in any vehicle, or through the acts or defaults of any company or person engaged in conveying the passenger or in carrying out the arrangements of the programme, or otherwise in connection therewith, or of any apartment proprietor or servant. The insurance of baggage and the care of personal articles is entirely the responsibility of the programme participant. The programme leaders shall not be liable for any loss of, or damage to, personal property. The programme leaders accept no responsibility for losses or additional expenses due to the delays or changes in motor, air or other services, sickness, weather, strikes, war quarantine or other causes. All such losses or expenses will be borne by the passenger. The transport companies or firms, shall be exempt from all liability in respect of any detention, delay, loss, damage, sickness or injury however and by whomsoever caused and of whatever kind occurring of or to the passenger at any time when the passenger is not on board a carrier or conveyance used or operated by the transport companies or firms. The passage contract in use by the transport companies or firms concerned shall constitute the sole contract between those firms and the passenger. All tickets, coupons and orders are issued subject to these terms and conditions. In the event of it being considered desirable to withdraw all of the arrangements, the net deposits paid will be returned to the members, and upon the tendering of the same, all liability of the organiser in respect thereof shall cease. The programme leaders also reserve the right to modify the itineraries in any way thought desirable. The programme costs are based on fares and tariffs which will apply from date of booking but subject to unexpected price increases or exchange rate fluctuations. Any other IATA or non-IATA carrier may be used apart from the carriers featured on this web page. This web page is authorised on the sole responsibility of the programme leaders. It is not issued on behalf of, and does not commit the airline mentioned therein or any airlines whose services are used in the course of the programme.

Code of conduct

All students will be required to sign a code of conduct form reminding them of their responsibilities as representatives of The University of Melbourne abroad. The form will be made available at the Induction session prior to departure.

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