Comparative Politics


The School is home to many researchers who take comparative approaches. We have a global reputation for the study of diverse political systems, from China and the United States, to the European Union and South East Asia. Our work both compares different forms of national politics and pursues specialisation in specific nations and regions. These include comparative public policy, national systems and institutions, and defence and foreign policy.

At Melbourne, our teaching and research in comparative politics embodies significant intellectual diversity. We use qualitative and quantitative methods. We embrace multiple theoretical directions and the practice of politics in the nations we study.

Our students have the opportunity to study in many of the nations and regions in which our scholars specialise. These include India, Indonesia, China, the EU, UK, and North America.

We have a strong commitment to public research dissemination and engagement. Our work appears regularly in the mainstream press, nationally and internationally. Our research is published in leading university presses and journals.

Research fields

American politics and foreign policyAsian regionalismBusiness and governmentCampaigns and elections
Chinese government and foreign policyCorruption and politicsConflict resolutionCrisis management
Digital politicsEuropean UnionIndian politics and societyLatin American politics
Middle Eastern politicsPolitics and the mediaPublic policymakingRace, ethnicity, and nationalism
Religion and politicsScience and policyTerrorism and insurgency 

Geographic regions of research

Australia and New ZealandCaribbeanCentral AmericaCentral Asia
Eastern AfricaEastern AsiaEastern Europe (including Northern Asia)Melanesia
MicronesiaMiddle East and North AfricaNorthern AfricaNorthern America
Northern EuropePolynesiaSouth AmericaSouth-eastern Asia
Southern AfricaSouthern AsiaSouthern EuropeWestern Africa
Western AsiaWestern Europe 

Our research projects