Our research looks at three aspects of disability, diversity, and inclusion with approaches:

  1. Exploring collaborations – we recognise the value of working with others across disciplinary and organisational boundaries to address key challenges in disability policy and practice. There are a range of internal and external parties to the University of Melbourne we will continue to explore opportunities for collaboration moving forward. This includes priority partners to the School of Social and Political Sciences such as Scope (Aust) Ltd., the Brotherhood of St Laurence, and the Melbourne Disability Institute, as well as other organisations.
  2. Walking the walk – we are committed to centring the voices, experiences, and expertise of people with disability. It is crucial that this commitment becomes a reality over the short, medium and long term. This involves engaging with interested collaborators on workshops with disability to guide the priority areas for the Initiative, as well as establishing and financially supporting number of people with disability to inform, shape and support the full range of Initiative activities, including the provision of research assistance.
  3. Produce research, teaching, engagement and university-enhancement activities – we are pursuing key strategic activities that will support our goals, such as creating a home for disability-focused research in the Faculty of Arts, developing the next generation of disability studies researchers, embedding disability in our teaching, delivering training and custom education for the disability sector, targeting public engagement, and informing the rollout of the University of Melbourne’s Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2030.