Arts Leadership Community

The Arts Leadership Community (ALC) is an initiative designed to provide student leaders within the Faculty of Arts opportunities to meet, share, collaborate and network with their leadership peers.

This program includes a series of uniquely tailored professional and personal development events hosted at the University exclusively for the ALC members.

Who is eligible to join the ALC?

Eligibility to join the ALC includes participation in one of the following Faculty programs:

All members of these groups are automatically eligible and will receive an invitation to the program at the commencement of the academic year.

Benefits of participating in ALC

  • Be a member of a community with other student leaders in the Arts Faculty like Peer Mentors and Graduate Ambassadors, with opportunities to network and share your leadership experiences.
  • Participate in tailored professional and personal development workshops like "Discover Your Leadership Personality Type and How to Sell Your Bachelor of Arts.
  • Invitation to an exclusive end of year Awards Ceremony and the opportunity to be rewarded with the Arts Leaderships Community Award.
  • Receive Melbourne Plus recognition under the Community Engagement Category.

Attributes gained from the program

  • Discover and develop individual leadership styles
  • Develop facilitation skills to effectively lead peer activities and enhance group discussion.
  • Awareness of a range of student communities and intersecting identities throughout the University.
  • Build on communication skills through public speaking and presentation opportunities.
  • Opportunities to learn varied and valuable life skills external to developing academic skills.

Melbourne Plus

Melbourne Plus is the University’s flagship co-curricular recognition program. It supports your participation in activities that develop your capabilities and recognises you with a digital credential you can share with your network.

As a member of the Arts Leadership Community, you are eligible for  a Digital Credential in the People Leadership category.

For further information, visit the Melbourne Plus website for more information on the requirements of the badge and to register.

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