Student Consultative Forum

In September 2021, the Faculty of Arts is launching the Student Consultative Forum and will be inviting all Arts students to participate in the inaugural meeting.

The Student Consultative Forum will be a formal platform for regular, on-going conversations between students and Faculty staff. The aim of the Forum is to ensure students have input in the Faculty’s priorities and initiatives relating to their academic experience. It will be a way for students to raise matters directly with Faculty leaders, including the Dean, Associate Deans and Heads of School. It will also be an opportunity for students to take on a leadership role and gain insight into how decisions are made at an executive level.

Terms of Reference:

  • Ensure student input into the development of Faculty priorities and initiatives relating to the student academic experience
  • Provide student insight into existing strategies designed to enhance student academic experience
  • Inform Faculty leadership about matters raised by students with respect to their academic experience within and across programs/ disciplines
  • Enable a feedback mechanism to students to demonstrate how their input has shaped academic practices within the Faculty
  • Offer students a leadership opportunity and firsthand experience of how decisions are made at executive level.

Inaugural Forum

All Arts students are invited to the inaugural Forum which will be taking place online. The Forum's academic chair, Associate Professor Kate MacNeill, will introduce everyone to the aims and format of the Forum and invite attending student to contribute.

Date: Wednesday 1 September

Time: 12.00 – 1.00pm AEST


Ongoing participation

Expression of Interest

After the initial meeting, the Faculty will be requesting an Expression of Interest from students who wish to continue as a regular Forum participant. An application link will be available after the first Forum.

Student Lead

The organisers will also be seeking applications for the position of Student Lead, who will co-chair the Forum alongside Associate Professor Kate MacNeill. An application link will be available after the first Forum.

For enquiries, please email Arts Student Enrichment.