Italian Studies


It would be hard to exaggerate the importance of Italy in the development of Western civilisation. Italy's language and culture have been of great significance for centuries and in recent times has Italy has become one of the world's leading industrial and economic powers. Because of the many lasting links between Australia and Italy there are numerous opportunities for economic and cultural development between the two countries.

Italian studies may be taken as part of a major in the Faculty of Arts and can be studied for up to four years (honours) at undergraduate level and then continued at graduate level (coursework and research Masters and PhD). Areas of expertise include Italian cinema, history, linguistics, literature, and issues in teaching and learning. Italian studies offer programs for students who have completed Year 12 VCE Italian, students who have some knowledge of Italian (either through experience or formal study by not through to Year 12), and for students who have never studied the Italian language and culture before. In the Faculty of Arts, Italian combines well with a wide range of subjects such as English, History, Fine Arts, Linguistics, Applied Linguistics, Classics, Politics and other Romance languages such as French and Spanish.

Italian may be studied as breadth and can also be studied concurrently with any of the Melbourne Degrees through the Diploma in Languages (Italian).

"All truths are easy to understand once they are discovered; the point is to discover them." Galileo Galilei
"The noblest pleasure is the joy of understanding." Leonardo da Vinci
"Learning never exhausts the mind." Leonardo da Vinci



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