Arts-China Connect

Alumni networking group

Arts-China Connect is a University of Melbourne initiative to engage and connect with Chinese-speaking graduates from the programs of Art History, Art Curatorship and Arts and Cultural Management. It aims to build a strong, supportive Alumni Network that brings together undergraduates and postgraduates from the three disciplines to share experience and knowledge with each other and the university.

Establishing a community for you

If you are a graduate of the University of Melbourne Art History, Art Curatorship or Arts and Cultural Management program, joining Arts-China Connect will link you with like-minded alumni and a cohort of individuals who have shared experiences, interests and ambitions. Through this community you will be able to access opportunities and information about events and support networks that can help you advance your career goals.

By joining Arts-China Connect you will stay connected with your peers and mentors long after you graduate. You'll be able to participate in events, showcase your work and build your professional network. If you graduated some time ago, welcome back to the community! Recent graduates and students embarking on their career journeys can benefit from your insights and expertise. Your support is greatly appreciated.

Most importantly, Arts-China Connect will provide you with a sense of community and belonging within the world of the arts. You'll be able to connect with individuals who understand the challenges and rewards of pursuing a creative career, and you'll be able to draw on their expertise and support as you navigate your own path.

Arts curatorship - Group of people (all women) crowd around a table with books open. One woman holds open a book with others bending over curiosly to view the contents

We want your help to grow the community

Arts-China Connect and its related activities are coordinated by Art History, Art Curatorship and Arts and Cultural Management alumni representatives based in Australia and around the world who maintain links with staff in the three University programs. Arts-China Connect aims to build a digital community and share opportunities for members to connect with each other and the University.

Share your story, nominate an alumni to share their story or send us your feedback. Let us know if you have suggestions for what we can achieve together as an alumni network.

Connect with us

We are also seeking suggestions and proposals for what we can achieve together as an alumni network, so please do share your ideas with us. Or maybe you are interested in volunteering to help build the community? Let us know via email.


Alumni profiles

Image for Carol Yinghua LU (Photographer: OHNO Ryusuke)

Carol Yinghua Lu

Director of Beijing Inside-Out Art Museum, Co-artistic Director of 8th Yokohama Triennale | PhD, Art history (2020)
Image for Fei Fei (Fay) Pang

Fei Fei (Fay) Pang

Media Relations Manager of Art Basel Asia | Arts and Cultural Management (2011)
Image for Denise Tsui

Denise Tsui

Managing Editor Sotheby’s Asia | Art Curatorship (2014)
Image for Tiange Yang

Tiange Yang

Curator and Writer | Art Curatorship (2017)
Image for Wandi Cao

Wandi Cao

Multidisciplinary artist | Art Curatorship (2018)
Image for Jin Y

Jin Yu

Philanthropy Officer at Swinburne University of Technology | Arts and Cultural Management (2018)
Image for Larissa Yang Feng

Larissa Yang Feng

Art Workshop Facilitator at the Heide Museum of Modern Art | Arts and Cultural Management (2018)
Image for Shelley (Mingyuan) Xue.

Shelley (Mingyuan) Xue

Communications and Design Coordinator at Linden New Art | Arts and Cultural Management (2020)
Image for Rumi Xu

Rumi Xue

Gallery Manager at Three Shadows Photography Art Centre / +3 Gallery | Arts and Cultural Management (2020)
Image for Cheng Li

Cheng Li

Founder, L27 Art Gallery | Art Curatorship (2021)
Image for Shirley Liu

Shirley Liu

Academic Engagement Coordinator of the Museums and Collections, University of Melbourne | Art Curatorship (2021)
Image for Jimmy Li

Jimmy Li

Design and Marketing Coordinator | Art Curatorship (2023)

About the Art History, Art Curatorship and Arts and Cultural Management Programs

Art History and Curatorship

The Art History and Curatorship program researches and develops knowledge in the history of art and curatorial practice. As the first university in Australia to offer courses in art history and curatorship, we have a long record of leading research in multiple fields. Teaching and research at undergraduate and post-graduate levels focuses on Australian, Indigenous, Asian and European art, modern and contemporary art, globalisation and cross-cultural exchange, and art theory as well as curatorship, museum and exhibition studies and the history and theory of art conservation. Graduates from the program are employed in universities, art galleries, museums and in leading public, private and commercial arts sector roles within Australia and around the world. Learn more about art history and art curatorship programs.

Arts and Cultural Management

The Arts and Cultural Management program explores the tension between culture as an economic activity and culture as symbolic expression through four key themes – organisations, governance, identity and labour. The Arts and Cultural Management program is a vocational program designed to equip students with transferable skills to pursue management careers in the arts and cultural sector. Graduates from the Arts and Cultural Management program are employed in leadership roles in a variety of arts and cultural organisations, and other sectors, worldwide. Learn more about arts and cultural management programs.

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