Archaeological conservation

To organise an initial consultation that can include examination and treatment recommendations for your object, please make an appointment with staff from the objects department on (+61 3) 9348 5747.

Excavation of artifacts
Excavation of artifacts

The objects consultancy lab at The Grimwade Centre has been engaged in archaeological conservation since 2004 and has staff members with over 20 years of field and lab based archaeological conservation experience.

The Grimwade Centre is the key service provider to two University archaeology collections in Victoria and to an archaeological museum. The Grimwade Centre conservators work in accordance with the Australian Institute of Conservation of Cultural Materials (AICCM) code of Ethics and Code of Practice (

The Grimwade Centre staff are Quarantine Accredited Persons (Classes 2 to 8). The role and the responsibilities of Accredited Persons is to reduce quarantine risks. Accredited Persons have the ability to identify quarantine risks and how processing and treatments may reduce these risks. Staff hold certificates in: working at heights; general construction (white ticket) and elevated work platform operation.

The Grimwade Centre can provide:

  • Expertise and advice in the field
  • Immediate field response for  highly significant artefacts with urgent conservation needs
  • Artefact Conservation Proposal (ACP) for significant artefacts in accordance with s129(4b) of the Heritage Act
  • Advice on management of artefacts from sites with unusual or challenging conditions
  • Testing to identify salts present and determine if desalination is required
  • Desalination of objects containing salts from marine, intertidal or terrestrial sites
  • Treatment of organic (wood, leather, plant fibre, textile) and inorganic (iron and copper alloys, ceramic and stone) materials
  • Storage supports for objects which require support
  • Detailed condition reports of treatment undertaken
  • Facilitate analysis

The Grimwade Centre can contribute to research questions and publications