Established in 1853, the Philosophy program has fostered generations of outstanding students and researchers.

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Many of our brightest students have gone on to have a major international impact on philosophy, including David Armstrong, Frank Jackson, Mark Johnston, Kate Manne and Peter Singer. Others have gone on to distinguish themselves in the arts, government and other areas of public life.

Our research strengths, ranging from ethical and political philosophy to philosophy of language and logic, have been recognised as among the best in the world. Our research is supported in part by the Barry Taylor and David Lewis Philosophy Fund, which commemorates the strong friendship of the influential metaphysician and distinguished philosopher.

We offer undergraduate and graduate research degrees, including, Honours, Masters and PhD, to give students at every level the opportunity to advance their expertise in this vibrant discipline.

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Philosophy involves the critical examination of big questions – foundational questions – about the nature of the world and our place in it. Follow your curiosity and advance your knowledge in Philosophy with our undergraduate and graduate programs. Find out more about our:

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Profile picture of Howard Sankey

Prof Howard Sankey

Professor of Philosophy; Philosophy Discipline Chair +61383446558
Profile picture of Karen Jones

A/Prof Karen Jones

Associate Professor in Philosophy +61383440268
Profile picture of Daniel Halliday

A/Prof Daniel Halliday

Associate Professor In Political Philosophy; Honours and Graduate Diploma (Advanced) Coordinator +61383445877
Profile picture of Holly Lawford-Smith

A/Prof Holly Lawford-Smith

Associate Professor In Political Philosophy; Graduate Studies Coordinator (Philosophy)
Profile picture of Kyle Blumberg

Dr Kyle Blumberg

Lecturer in Contemporary Analytic Philosophy
Profile picture of Dana Goswick

Dr Dana Goswick

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy
Profile picture of Sam Baron

A/Prof Sam Baron

Associate Professor
Profile picture of Andrew Inkpin

Dr Andrew Inkpin

Senior Lecturer in Contemporary European Philosophy; Undergraduate Coordinator +61383446539
Profile picture of Jenny Judge

Dr Jenny Judge

Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind and Cognitive Science
Profile picture of John Powers

Dr John Powers

Lecturer in Buddhism Studies
Profile picture of Tristan Grotvedt

Dr Tristan Grotvedt

Lecturer in Philosophy (Teaching Specialist)
Profile picture of Dr Kai Tanter

Dr Kai Tanter

Assistant Lecturer in Philosophy
Profile picture of Dr James Kent

Dr James Kent

Teaching Associate, Periodic
Profile picture of Alex Cain

Dr Alex Cain

Teaching Associate, Periodic

Philosophy honorary staff

Banner image: Ian North b. 1945
The World is All that is Not the Case (detail), 2006
Synthetic polymer and pigment ink on canvas
Canvas 140.0 x 405.0 cm
The University of Melbourne Art Collection. Commissioned by the Department of Philosophy, 2006.