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We are one of the top-ranked programs for the study of political science and international relations in the region with a reputation for excellence in research and teaching.

Political Science

Political Science, Public Policy, International Relations

We are a large group of outstanding researchers and committed teachers working on a wide range of pressing contemporary and longstanding issues in political science.

We pride ourselves on our outward-looking, inclusive and collaborative culture where respectful engagement and lively debate is actively encouraged. By studying politics and international relations at Melbourne, you will develop an understanding of politics as a vibrant, plural and diverse field of study that manifests itself in a variety of different contexts from the local to the global.

We see ourselves as promoting global citizenship and awareness in all that we do with many of our students pursuing highly successful careers in politics, government, the public service, civil activism, diplomacy and international relations in the public, private and not-for-profit sectors.

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Professor Sally Young
Professor Sally Young
Political science at Melbourne will expose you to the most compelling ideas about power, politics and policy at a time of rapid social and political change.

Professor Sally Young, Chair in Political Science

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Our internationally recognised research informs and enriches our teaching programs and engagement activities, which explore key issues, ideas, institutions and actors in local, national and international politics.

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Understand and explore the political, policy and social challenges of our time in Australia, the region and globally. Our programs prepare you for a career in diplomacy, government, business and not-for-profit organisations in Australia and beyond.

We teach at the undergraduate as well as the graduate coursework level into several professional programs that each offer a distinctive approach to the study of politics and the challenges of governance. We have an active cohort of graduate research students.


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Our Political Science staff are leading teachers and researchers in a range of areas including political theory, international relations, political economy, Australian politics, comparative politics, public policy, administration and management, contemporary social issues, and research methods.

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