Parenting Work Skills Certificate

Intense periods of caregiving build key transferable skills that are essential for the future of work. Parents re-entering employment after leave bring unique value to workplaces. Let us help you tap into this potential by linking experiences in caregiving to building critical future of work skills.

Talks and Masterclasses

Whether you’re looking to upskill yourself or reskill your team, our short talks and workshops are an opportunity to develop key skills that are critical to the future of work. Presented by Prof. Leah Ruppanner, these talks and workshops can be bundled together to provide a bespoke series that effectively targets the needs of your company. We discuss a range of future of work themes, including:

The Mental Load

The world of work is changing, and the Mental Load is a critical tool to understand the burnout, exhaustion, and attrition of a diverse workforce.

Gender Bias and Discrimination

Organisations need up to date research findings about gender bias and their data to ensure effective decision-making.

The Future of Women at Work

Automation is rapidly transforming the way we work. Learn how women will be disproportionately impacted by these shifts, and what skills they require to be competitive in the future of work.

Caregivers at Work

Parents are uniquely positioned to thrive in the workplace. It is critical to understand how caregiving can be career-enhancing and beneficial to organisations.

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