Commencement form checklist

Commencement form checklist

As part of your degree, you must complete the Commencement Form with your supervisors and attach a copy of the signed Supervisory Agreement Form to the Commencement Form in the Candidature Management System — this is a mandatory requirement.

You will be sent the Commencement Form once you have commenced officially.

The purpose of this checklist is to assist you in establishing plans to interact regularly with your supervisory panel and to discuss expectations throughout your candidature. The checklist also helps you to be aware of important information and processes associated with your degree, as well as resources and support available to you.

The Commencement Form is due no later than your Pre-Confirmation; however, it is highly recommended to complete the form within the first month of your commencement.

What is your Pre-Confirmation date? To view your milestone dates, including your Pre-Confirmation, visit my.unimelb with your University login details.

Once you complete your section of the form, it will then be sent to your Principal Supervisor to review and to add extra comments, if required.

What's next after completing your Commencement Form?

  • Familiarise yourself with the Faculty's Milestone review requirements for your degree; and
  • Ensure that you meet the milestone review requirements, including timely completion of your annual reviews, against Academic Progress Review Policy; and
  • Accept your Enrolment Terms & Conditions every anniversary of your commencement date.