Thesis requirements

Before you submit your thesis, ensure that you have the correct information on thesis requirements and on theses in Languages Other Than English (LOTE).

Doctor of Philosophy – Arts (PhD) and Master of Arts – Research (MA)

Information about thesis requirements and examination can be found on the Graduate Research Hub web pages below. The Graduate Research Examinations Office administers the submission and examination guidelines for both the PhD and MA.

Preparing my thesis

Examination overview

Enquiries should be emailed to Graduate Research Examinations Office.

Thesis in Languages Other Than English (LOTE)

It is expected that a graduate of the University of Melbourne will be able to engage in academic discourse in English. Therefore, a research thesis will normally be written in English. At the same time, the Faculty seeks to encourage the acquisition of appropriate levels of linguistic and cultural competencies necessary for research of international distinction. Consequently, if a graduate researcher wishes to write a thesis in another language, an application can be made to the Faculty's Research Training Committee at an early stage in the candidature. The Committee will consider such an application if the source material and readership are primarily in that language or the thesis is concerned with the study of language. Where permission is granted, a summary of the thesis (approximately 2,500 words) in English should be bound in the thesis.

Requests should be emailed to Arts Graduate Research Team in the first instance.